2023 Call for Proposals

Deadline 24 February 2023, 12:00 (Swiss time)

The Bois Chamblard Foundation fosters research and education supporting the quality and diversity of the natural environment and its preservation, as well the role of humanity as it affects that environment. To support these activities, the Foundation puts at the disposition of researchers and educators the Bois Chamblard site (Route de Chanivaz 19, 1164 Buchillon, Switzerland). The 60,000 m2 site, on the shores of Lake Geneva, is mostly covered by forest. Educational or research projects supported by the Foundation are expected to make use of the Bois Chamblard site.


Proposals can be submitted by individuals or teams. The lead PI for any project must be based at EPFL, University of Lausanne, University of Geneva, University of Fribourg, University of Neuchâtel, or University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland. Co-investigators can be located at non-research institutions. The PI’s institution is financially responsible for the project.


This call will accept proposals for research or educational projects. Grants can be up to 3 years duration. Funding is provided for a maximum budget allocation of:

  • For projects up to one year’s duration: CHF 75,000 per project
  • For projects from one up to three year’s duration: CHF 125,000 per project

Eligible Costs

  • Consumables and supplies
  • Small equipment (up to CHF 20,000)
  • Analytical costs
  • Publications (Open access)
  • Conferences
  • Logistics costs
  • Salaries (PIs, e.g., postdocs, holding fixed-term contracts can seek support for their own salaries, otherwise PI/Co-I salaries are ineligible)
  • Travel costs
  • Overheads are ineligible costs

Proposal submission

Proposals should use the template downloadable here .

Completed proposals should be sent to bois-chamblard-research@epfl.ch

Proposal evaluation

Eligible proposals will be evaluated by a panel formed by the Bois Chamblard Foundation.
Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific or educational merit and topicality of the proposed project
  • The degree to which the project supports the Foundation’s areas of interest, i.e., “quality and diversity of the natural environment and its preservation, as well the role of humanity as it affects that environment.”
  • For scientific projects: Originality of the project
  • For educational projects: Innovation and size of the target audience
  • Feasibility
  • Extent to which the project utilizes the Bois Chamblard site at Buchillon
  • Experience and expertise of the Applicant (and co-applicants) for the proposed project

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the evaluation no later than two months following the submission deadline date.
Note: Requests for visits to the Bois Chamblard site (including prior to submission of proposals) can be made to: bois-chamblard-research@epfl.ch